Experience, Strength and Dope

by Darky Dark and the Junkie Bunch

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marymagdalena I love these bastards. This music is more wholesome than a toasty onion bagel on a Friday morning with cream cheese, and lox and maybe a steaming cup of sweet roasted coffee Favorite track: Handcuffs: The Musical.
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released December 15, 2016



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Darky Dark and the Junkie Bunch Costa Mesa, California

We are a Folk Punk band from Costa Mesa, California.

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Track Name: My Life as a Loaded Gun
Verse 1:
There was tree that grew in Orange County But we cut that fucker down, we replaced it with a giant dildo and nailed it to the ground. I wanna kill something beautiful and drag it with me to the afterlife. I wanna steal a track suit to drink kool aid in and watch the world die. Alot of empty sentiments that echo through my head, often i find myself quoting books that i have never read.

And if i said Fuck the police would you identify and scream it with me?
And if i said Fuck everything would you realize that we will never be free.

Verse 2:
I wanna play human frogger on the free and i pray that if i did it would result in my death. I am a misanthrope, don't care for anyone i know or anything at all but cigarettes. Just more sweet coffin nails to nail me into a box. i Dont know what fucking day of the week it is, no use for a clock.

we are not free!
Track Name: Handcuffs: The Musical
Verse 1:
These eyes have seen so many things, this mind has cranked out so many dreams but theres a few i recollect as i light a cigarette. I am a prisoner in my head but i'll be tasting freedom soon, Im gonna tunnel my way out with a rusty fucking spoon. So when im feeling reckless with my damage left behind i'll send my demons out for you because you understand my mind, and when we finally rendezvous will get in my shitty car and we will watch this world burn as we lay beneath the stars.

So we will grease ourselves with Crisco and Run naked through the mall and then we will probably hide out in a girls bathroom stall, and if the man comes down he will have to take us both, Because i wont let go if you wont.
More Handcuffs i've been locked up and you know im states away, introspection in a jail cell screaming how'd it get this way, but don't you know we will overcome because thats just what we do, and i wont let go if you wont.

Verse 2:
I rush the blood to my head trying to get out of this, why is my cup always empty? why do all the charges stick? i'm getting tired of this life and all the chaos that ensues but still i love the broken glass, shooting dope and drinking booze. So as i say these words i mentally prepare myself, im going to go fuck shit up, i wish that i was someone else. Bible paper cigarettes, got no need for Jesus Christ, Don't you think I've heard it all? please don't give me your advice!
Track Name: Make Me Bleed
Verse 1:
My brain is like a hamster and its spinning on a wheel and i suspect its powered by despair. its confused and out of touch, its been huffing paint for days and im not really sure how it got there. ive come to the conclusion that my soul is probably dead but according to every comic book ive ever read, its gonna come back bigger and greater and ill show you whose spiritually void. i open up my eyes to more disappointment when i find the world has yet to be destroyed.

Let it go, let it go my friend like the kidney stone thats clogged you up since you don't know when. Ill dry my tears and put my heart on the shelf, if no one wants to suck my dick i guess ill do it myself.

Verse 2:
My body is like a bed and breakfast no one ever visits cause the manager's a murderer but the service is exquisite, my eyes are creepy broken mirrors that peer into your soul so i can see the demons that are hiding in your skull. so ill dig through the freezer and ill eat what i can find and then ill scream at the ceiling till i regain my piece of mind, and ill flash you the peace sign even though what im looking for is another mother fucking reason i can go to war.
Track Name: The Devil's Waiting Room
Pretty Soon, This world will drop its musty briefs and shit on you and you will wonder why you're alive.
Pretty Soon, The harsh reality of existence will crush you're spirit and you may not survive.
Pretty Soon, You won't want to go outside no more cause you hate the sun and everyone you know.
Pretty Soon, You will want to leave this place just to figure out that you've got no where to go.
Pretty Soon, You'll realize you are a novelty and thats why you don't have that many friends.
Pretty Soon, You'll grow up to hate society and become a super villain that only wants revenge.

Give it time, Give it time my friend and you will see this world does not forgive
Give it time, Give it time my friend before you decide you dont want to live.
Give it time, Before you hurt yourself because the pit of hell is getting pretty full.
Give it time, Before you kill yourself because the world is ugly, and you are beautiful.

Pretty Soon, You will start watching snuff films cause the porn you like no longer gets you off.
Pretty Soon, You'll become desensitized and take some acid and cut someones head off.
Pretty Soon, You'll develop a drug problem and do alot of shit that you regret.
Pretty Soon, You'll give up on all your dreams and spend your whole life trying to forget.
Pretty Soon, You'll become so miserable, you'll scream for help and nobody will care.
Pretty Soon, You will not get out of bed because you are very lazy and overcome with despair.
Track Name: I Wish You Would
Verse 1:
I believe that bigfoot is an alien, sent from another world so he could spy on us, to make sure we don't become technologically advanced enough to blow ourselves into dust. I believe that the Loch Ness monster was a man that got all irradiated in Chernobyl, and even though he is a hideous mutated freak, i bet inside he still adorable.

I wish you would, i wish you would. Realize that every time you sneeze an angel vomits blood. I wish you would, I wish you would realize that every single day you waste is another credit union you could have blown up.

Verse 2:
I'm afraid of the Chinese Government, they're real restrictive with their internet, so i'll stay on my side of the globe where i feel safe (kinda) and watch their tentacle porn and masturbate.
Track Name: The Miracle of Spite
Verse 1:
Like a candle thats been burning in your mind, and even though they pissed on it somehow it stays alight, you were made for so much more than to procreate and generate cash for an economy that doesn't give a fuck about your life. So when you woke up you were miserable again, and every time you stopped yourself from reaching to a friend, and every time you realized that things would never change, was every time i told you that there was another way.

I love it when you tell me that i'm wrong, because then i know that im still doing something right. All of your venom keeps me strong, i need you like i need a spider bite, and thats the miracle of spite.

Verse 2:
There was a time, there was a time i drew a line in the sand and said i'd never be like you, in a conventional sense or any other way and you know its true. There was a place, There was a place that i like to go, my crooked shadow lurked in tow, and in it i have a found a home, and i hope that you do to.
Track Name: Thats not a Jolly Rancher!
Verse 1:
Been thinking about this girl i knew and how her cooch reaked like a shoe or the worst seafood you'll ever eat. Had a stupid friend who was feeling brave and very desperate to get laid, he hooked up with this girl on the street. He took his precious time and he ate her out with a jolly rancher in his mouth till something exploded and it was weird.

And he said, thats not a jolly rancher! thats a hardened nodule of god damn disgusting gonorrhea pus. And i said you probably don't wanna hear this but i fucking told you man that girl is gross you should have put it in her butt.

Verse 2:
Little doses of pain so i know im alive, in the darkest places is where i thrive somewhere in between death and suicide. Think im gonna explode or maybe i just need to blow my load but you know what they say depression is the cancer of the soul. People always ask me man are you gonna be alright, the only answer i have is i dont fucking know!

Thoughtful breakdown:
Don't ever eat candy off the ground, because who knows what will be found, it might just explode in your mouth! and you'll say...
Track Name: The Wisdom to Know the Difference
Verse 1:
Like waiving your penis at oncoming traffic, like an std you got from a dog, or the time that you smoked catnip. Like the time you took your neighbors psych meds to see what they would do, you had impure thoughts about a hot pocket, burned your dick and tried to sue.

Sometimes it feels like im alone in this whole mother fucking universe and thats ok. Sometimes i wanna scream till the mother fucking rats in the walls can feel my pain and thats ok. Sometimes it feels like the theres no point cause i've already died and thats ok. Sometimes it feels like i just wanna feed the hole inside and thats ok.

Pull your puppet strings just a little harder now, like nobody out there fucking cares, Pull your puppet strings just a little harder now and kick away that ugly swivel chair. Pull your puppet strings just a little harder now, you know what it is that you've gotta do. Pull your puppet strings just a little harder now and give up on the world that gave up on you. and choke.

Verse 2:
Like smothering yourself with honey and walking naked into the woods, you're not quite sure what you're expecting but you are pretty sure that it won't be good. Like telling kids that there is no santa so you can watch them cry, you're a miserable piece of shit my friend, why don't you suck your own dick and die.